Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

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Breast Cancer Awareness and Treatment

Breast Cancer Awareness, If you get cancer … should you remove the breast?  Should I avoid chemotherapy and radiation? What to do if you can inherit the family? Can we stop this pandemic? In women, there are such suspicions about breast cancer! In fact, the disease can be  cured with a better understanding than treatment!

The heart of women is heart-warming when the smallest in the rum is in the hands. Breast Cancer diagnoses in clinical trials are just what happens! So life is gone and it’s getting worse. Breast cancer women are physically and mentally disturbed. But cancer is just like all the diseases! Learning the possibilities of the disease and learning the skills that are initially recognized, there is no need to panic. It is true that recent breast cancer is more common than our grandmothers!  But if one of the eight women in the country is affected by breast cancer, one in every 40 people in our country is diagnosed.

There is a link to lifestyle!

Breast cancer cases are one of the most important reasons for growing … regular food and lifestyle. In the same way, anybody in the gene is cancerous, even if their offspring are not alert. Foods that are rich in fats, lack of physical exercise, drinking alcohol, smoking, and more time-saving jobs … These are all cancerous! Increasingly eating junk food habit increases the extra fats in the body. The resulting estrogen, which is associated with fats, and progesterone hormones are both effective. The effect of the lack of equilibrium between these two hormones is that the first effect on the breasts. Consequently, breast cancer is coming up.

Breast Cancer Awareness Symptoms

Breast Cancer Awareness

There is a chance of this disease is 20 per cent. But what is the mother and father of this disease? Distant relative? What kind of cancer do they have? Chances of inherited cancer are based on many factors. The first degree and second degree of relatives can be categorized according to the distance of the mother … The mother, sister and daughter are close to the first degree. Cancer for women in this category is more than others. Cousins, cousins (their children) … The degree of genital cancer of second-degree relative women can decrease somewhat. Therefore, risk factors for family history are calculated. The possibility of inheriting the triple-negative type of breast cancer is much higher. So if you are in this type of cancer gene, you need to be doubly alert on breast cancer awareness.

Many Questions arise such as  Should I remove the breast?

Clinical trials proved to be of the same effect as the removal of the breast’s breast as a part of the treatment, eliminating breast cancer. So if you have cancer, you do not need to remove all the breast.

Determine whether it is breastfeeding, depending on the size of a tumour, the size of the tumors, the intensity, the intensity and the lymph nodes.

The ‘sintinal lymph node biopsy’ can be tested and tested for a portion of the lymphoma at the time of surgery to find out if the main lymphoma is infected. Only the lymph gland can be removed and treated with chemotherapy depending on the result.

If the cancer is immersed, there are two or three thump bulbs in the breast, if there is only one big stomach, the breast will be damaged, damaged, and the breast should be removed completely. If you remove it, you can restore the breast immediately after the treatment of cancer. Many advanced treatment methods are now available for this purpose.

Jean’s Test is essential for finding the breast cancer awareness

Braga Test (BRCA) is a blessing for women with breast cancer. This is a test that identifies 1 and 2 genes that can lead to breast cancer. This test, which costs about 25 to 30 thousand, can accurately measure the risk of infection. Depending on the outcome, early prevention treatments can be prevented from the disease. However, this test should be done if the women who are inherited from the family can first consult a cancer patient and have a risk of being diagnosed and tested. In Present Scenarios, Breast Cancer Awareness is very important for all according to there individual health system.

Breast Cancer Awareness to Prevent in Initial Stages.

No fear … be aware!
To be protected from this disease should be aware and alert. They need to take care of themselves and take care of what to do if they do not want me to get better than they are afraid of me. Breast Cancer Awareness in countries like Compared to America, England and Australia, the risk of breast cancer in younger age is higher. If women over 60 years of age are cancerous, there is a time when 25 years of illness in our country are ill. So every woman should be part of the ‘self-breast examination’ from the age of teenage.

Breasts should be checked at least once a month during bath or sleep. You must set a minute for this.
Three days after the end of this month. Breasts are harder to some days before monthly, so that the test of the bumps may be suspected. So self-examination after monthly stopping is very much important for a victim to prevent it the above are few points of Breast Cancer Awareness.

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