Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir

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Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir, who recently retired from the cricket world, did not get a place in the national team due to his retirement.   In an interview, Gambhir said that when there is no place in the national cricket team, there is no point in keeping runs and playing. Gambhir played the last match of the cricket career for the Delhi Ranji Trophy. He will be in international cricket for the Indian team at the international level in 2016. Had played against Apart from this, his last ODI match was against England in 2013. Since 2016 they have not been seen representing the Indian team.

However, somewhere he was expected to call them in the team but now with the hope of the end, he also said goodbye to the cricket world. He said, “I wish I would have 27 but now I am 37 and now I have nothing left to do.” When your run does not take you forward, then there is no point in keeping them running. It would be better if a young player came forward and completed the dream of playing in the Indian team.

Gautam Gambhir Retirement

Gambhir said, “I had always thought that I would score runs, and sometimes there would be a place in the national team. When I thought that my attempt was not able to take me forward Staying and I cannot find a place in the national team, then there is no use to continue this effort. ”  Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir, who made his international debut in 2003, said that he would also like to play cricket for India in the next life. With that he said, I am next I would like to play cricket in life, but obviously, I would like to win some more for India, I would like to make some more centuries. World Cup winners in 2011

Gambhir, a member of the Indian team and the final match hero, played 58 Tests and 147 ODIs in an international career.

Thank you all. I want to share the idea with you all. This is with me many nights and nights. Wherever I traveled with an extra burden. Playing lunch on the ground, in the dressing room, at home is all with me. In the nets, I bowled like a bowler throwing balls. My last meal terribly changed.

The idea was to travel with me to play the game with teams like Delhi, KKR, & finally our Indian team. Every time Gauti says your game is over. I was surprised in the IPL for three consecutive time’s failure & felt that I should take a decision.

In the same year England tour, again in 2016, In the England Test in Rajkot, I was dropped. Then I went to look for my confidence. I heard in the screams of the fans that I have done. But I strongly resisted that my game did not end. Again I touched my body hard. I’m angry with myself when my personal wrist came. It looked like bankrupt. At such a difficult time, your loyalists have made me laugh at me. To win again. Decided to get hold of.

Gautam Gambhir Exit

I am very confident about Delhi Daredevils when I am doing well in the 2017 Ranji season. The gossip of ‘Gambhir you are over with my game being good ‘. But I was wrong. My performance in six consecutive matches was not to my game. This time, the opposite shouting sounded louder. And that’s really me Time has passed. Yes..!

I have been in cricket for more than 15 years. I represent the country. And decided to leave for this beautiful game. Many fears, sufferings, difficulties, pains Want to play again on the country’s behalf. We expect the achievements to make centuries to be fulfilled. Two World Cup tournaments and two top finals are the top run-runner. My dreams Fulfilled. My dream of winning the World Cup for all of you was fulfilled.

There are many meaningful partnerships in my career. They are with you. My Fans You are the true supporters of India. That’s why I call you partners. The original cricketers are made of you. If you do not have Indian cricket there is nobody. Special congratulations to my Kolkata partners. My love will continue with them forever says Gautam Gambhir.

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