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GST Council for compulsory e waybill for interstate movement of goods

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GST Council for e waybill

e waybille waybill for Goods and Service Tax (GST) Council was passed on Saturday. The GST Council on Saturday decided to open an e waybill for the inter-state movements from 2018 February 1 and will provide consenting consent from June next year. “Rules for implementing a nationwide e waybill system for an inter-state movement on a compulsory basis will come into effect from February 1, 2018, which will bring together the states for the ocean.

“However, uniform system of a uniform system for inter-state and inter-state governments will enforce nationwide in June 2018,” the Finance Ministry said in a statement after the 24th meeting of GST. The council made by the Video Conference said that these things were wrong.

E waybill ranges

e waybill requires more than 50,000 rupees for the movement of goods. Furthermore, the movement of fewer than 50,000 rupees will not require any e-way bill. From now on, the nationwide e-way bill is set to be completed by January 16, 2018. Besides, it is praise as Trade and Trans. The GST Council approved the e-waybill, initiating Inter-State Movements since February 1, 2018, that it is mandatory for the interstate movement of goods.

e waybill is the Inter-State Movement

The e-way bill system has some of the existing states as well as some states in the interstate movement. Some states claiming that the national e-waybill system is in the early stages of the internal-state movement. In some states, the e-way bill system is still in existence. Starting from February 1, 2018, all starts and come on the team. Since the National e-Payment Bill is ready, states have the power to continue their own e-way bill systems. But it represents by trade and transmitters. It is represented by trade and transporters that are causing excessive hardship in the interstate movement of commodities. And therefore requires the need to bring all India system of the e waybill to the start.

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