Is Vijay Mallya Financial Fugitive

Is Vijay Mallya Financial Fugitive

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Is Vijay Mallya Financial Fugitive

Is Vijay Mallya Financial Fugitive, 9000 crores of rupees have been exacerbated by bank loans. Liquor King Vijay Mallya,  who is living in London, has suffered a stiff challenge. Vijay Mallya was declared a full-time financial criminal by the Mumbai court on Saturday. He was convicted and fined by the Financial Illustrative Act, Section 2F of the Financial Illustration Act -2018, which investigated the defamation of Mallya’s debt. As a result, Mallya was the first to be identified as the so-called constant financial criminals. The court will hear arguments on February 5 on Vijay Mallya’s assets. The Mumbai court had on Monday ordered an inquiry into the defaults of  the  Enforcement  Directorate (ED).

Is Vijay Mallya Financial Fugitive What Mallya Says

Is Vijay Mallya Financial Fugitive

The court recognizes the court as those criminals who make loans from the government and avoid appearing for court hearings. Mallya has been forced to flee overseas from various banks in India by over 9,000 crores. The first man to be declared a loan defender after the new law came into effect was Mallya.

Is Vijay Mallya Financial Fugitive what Mallya Says

Vijay Mallya said in July that he had made an “unconditional offer” to an Indian Judiciary in a bid to settle
the charges, but denies that was an admission of guilt.

He also says,  “I cannot understand how my extradition decision… and my settlement offer are linked in any
way,” he had tweeted on December 10.

“Wherever I am physical, my appeal is ‘please take the money’. I want to stop the narrative that I stole money,” he added.

Is Vijay Mallya Financial Fugitive What Court Says

Let us hope that Indian Government and Indian Judiciary will bring back the hard-earned money of every common man of India, who is associated with each every single penny of his sweat knowing or unknowingly by paying there hard earned money in the form of taxes, GST, etc. Only Indian Judiciary and Govt of India knows Whether, Is Vijay Mallya Financial Fugitive.


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