ISRO GSLV F-11 Experiment Success

ISRO GSLV F-11 Experiment Success

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ISRO GSLV F-11 Experiment Success

ISRO GSLV F-11 Experiment Success: Improves Advanced Communication & Internet Speed a lot. The Indian Space Research Organization – ISRO has succeeded in another experiment. GSLV F-11 rocket launches a GSAT7-A mission Satellite from Satish Dhawan Space Center at Sriharikota, Potti Sriramulu Nellore District, has launched this experiment from the second launch platform at 4.10 pm. India is another pragmatic space experiment scientists said.

Countdown to this experiment started on Tuesday afternoon for 2 hours and 10 minutes. The rocket reaches a fixed orbit in all three stages. GSAT F-11/GSAT 7-A weighs 2 thousand 250 kg

Satellite .. 18 minutes later reached the orbit. 24 hours later. The satellite direction is entered into full orbit scientists. From French Guiana in Europe on December 5, A huge communication satellite with a weight of 5200 kg was sent into space.

This is the third experiment of ISRO in month-long time. The GSLV F-11/ GSAT-7A  satellite will provide key services for up to eight years of the communication system. 4 Giant already through GSLV ISRO scientists sent into satellites space.

The Internet, forests, seas and agricultural information are collected. With GSAT 7-A satellite Fast and
comprehensive Internet services will be available in India.

ISRO GSLV F-11 Experiment Success

ISRO GSLV F-11 Experiment Success News

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is blooming with success and experiments. Three experiments were successful in a month-long period. The GSLV F-11/ GSAT-7A satellite, which has been the target of the information system, has reached a fixed orbit. This satellite will serve the airline for 8 years.

Advanced Military Communication Satellite GISAT-7A: Communications satellites are GSAT-7A specific satellite. Communication satellites are mostly used to enhance DTH broadcasts and Internet facilities. GSLV F-11 GSAT-7 says ISRO as an advanced military communication satellite. This satellite, which weighs 2,250 kg, has only the Kuy Bond transponder. The satellite was created at the Space Application Center (Ahmedabad).

ISRO GSLV F-11 Experiment Success & Achievements

ISRO chairman K Sivan said that the GSLV-F11 launch was successful in the effort of the crew. Speaking at a media briefing after the successful launch of Geo-Synchronous Launch Vehicle (GSLV-F11) from Satish Dhawan Space Center (SHAR) on Wednesday, Despite the fact that the weather has not been acceptable for a few days,  the staff and scientists have worked with dedication. We have conducted three trials successfully in 35 days. Sivan said that ISRO has successfully completed this year-end with ISRO GSLV F-11 Experiment Success.








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