KGF Story on Indian Screen

KGF Story on Indian Screen

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KGF Story on Indian Screen

KGF Story on Indian Screen, KGF is known to all. Kolar Gold Fields (Kolar Gold Mines). These are some hundred kilometers  away from Bangalore in Karnataka. There is debate about this now, here and there in local and national media. This is outstanding movie KGF from the Kannada film industry.

But the story line is on the single line .. the hero born in poverty .. to be rich in wealth .. should exit the life as king is his mothers last wish. He is the one who can do anything for money to fulfill his mother last wish. However, adding a combination of kolar mines to such a simple line, the high level of hype came to be made by KGF into Indian cinema.

But the sample shown in the movie is not really true. Slave crews shown in the movie are fictional. In the film, the heroine was added to such a fiction. But the historical background  to the birth of these mines is very old.

This is the idea of ​​an average viewer after watching the KGF film. Netizens started searching on YouTube and Google to find out. Is there any videos on KGF that are currently showing up on YouTube.

KGF Story on Indian Screen


KGF Story on Indian Screen History Awaken

By the second century, people learned that there was gold in the soil. However, in the period of time, it is separated from the earthenware and the smallest amount of gold available. However, it became more popular during the Chola period. After that, many dynasties (Pallavas, Cholas, Hoysiyasulu) ruled the region. Finally, it was the British. At that time the British lived in Chennai and Bangalore. However, a retired British officer, then Laverle, lived in Bangalore. He is familiar with reading books, and one article on the Kolar mines of Oruzu Lavan was found. In 1871, he wrote a letter to the Mysore king to lease the Kolar fields area.

However, the Maharaja said the lease would be levied to take coal as it would benefit from the acquisition of coal rather than the gold. But he has done the job of grabbing gold. But that’s all. The wages paid to workers are higher than the earnings of gold extraction. He sold a company to a company that knew no losses. But this company has started using technology. Works with bigger machines started. This resulted in a small amount of expenditure and more profits. Many British officials came and settled there. There was also a township called KGF.

KGF Story on Indian Screen Mining

However, the presence of the British lights in the light of the constant lights, and it became difficult to work. They wanted to start power transmission there. The hydroelectric powerplant on the Kaveri river, 150 km away from Kolar, started. Nearly 150 kilometers of electric wires were installed. By then (1901-02) is the largest line. In Asia, however, both countries have electricity. While in Japan, it is in the Kolar region of India. Because gold is still worth
it. However, due to decreased stock in Kolar, its prevalence has declined. But when Nehru was the  Prime Minister, he asked for a World Bank loan and questioned what is your security. ‘We have a wealth of wealth. The same is KGF. “KGF is a debt securities. Nearly 95 per cent of the gold produced in India is produced by KGF. But the Indian government stopped mining in 2001 after it fell to 0.7 per cent. This is the KGF story. The fiction in the film and the film in the background of the Kolar film .. It created a sensation that has seen everyone on the history of  Kolar. You also need to know more information on this page .. In countless videos on YouTube Community gives information about KGF Story on Indian Screen.


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