Padi Padi Leche Manasu

Padi Padi leche Manasu Movie Trailer

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Padi Padi leche Manasu Telugu Movie

Padi Padi leche Manasu is a new Telugu movie starring Sharvanand and Sai Pallavi in Hanu Raghavapady’s direction. Sudhakar Chekurukuri is the screening and Vishal Chandrasekhar has scored the music. The movie has already completed shooting and the film is busy with the production works. Today (Friday) on 14th December 2018, this movie theatrical trailer has been released.

Padi Padi leche Manasu  Plot

‘My name is Surya .. Missing in the life meaning of light of my name. For a year, I have lived in the war with darkness, because of Vaishali I’m still alive. This is the start of the trailer with the voice-over of Sharwanand at the beginning of the trailer. Sai Pallavi’s dialogues impressed me, ‘If I leave you as of now, how can you survive?’ The trailer ran out of interesting dialogues: ‘It’s not like a man who is so funny about a man.’ Overall, this love and romantic entertainer has no doubt that Sharwanand is going to get yet another good Superhit Success. The film Padi Padi leche Manasu is expected to release on 21st December 2018 of this year end. This Year-end beautiful love cum life Telugu movie Padi Padi leche Manasu rocks in the theatres nearby you.

Padi Padi leche Manasu Trailer


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