Sabarimala Temple Closed

Sabarimala Temple Closed

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Sabarimala Temple Closed

Sabarimala Temple Closed, Sabarimala In the early days of Kerala, two women finally succeeded in entering the temple of Lord Ayyappa located in Sabarimala. Two women named Bindu and Kanakdurga have claimed that they were presenting at around three in the morning at 3:00 AM in the morning. A large number of policemen along with these women were also present for safety. It is being told that both of them had come for the past month but they were unable to succeed, and today they claimed to visit Sabarimala temple in the morning.

Sabarimala Temple Closed Buzz

Sabarimala Temple Closed

After sighting, information has not been given for security reasons regarding where both women are located. But in the local media, the news is being circulated in the headlines that after allowing the Supreme Court to allow women of all ages to enter the temple, women finally succeeded in entering the temple.

Prior to this, millions of women from different classes participated in the state-sponsored ‘Women wall’ campaign to maintain gender equality and equal values. The ‘Women Wall’ campaign was organized in the backdrop of protests by the  Supreme Court of the CPI (M) -led LDF-led government, after the decision to allow women entry into Ayappa temple.

The Sabarimala temple is closed. The temple gates were closed on the orders of the chief priest of the temple. The chief priest took this decision after two women entered the temple. It is possible to open the temple after cleaning the temple and its premises with chants

Sabarimala Temple Closed Updates

Two women, Bindu and Kanakadurga, entered the temple at 3:45 am today morning. Recently they have failed to enter the temple. Then Ayyappa devotees stopped them. Yesterday, the women and the police have been seen to have acted positively after the human trafficking across Kerala. Police in the uniforms and the mafeti police made themselves to the temple sanctum sanctorum.

Kerala Chief Minister Supported the move and said the state police administration has been ordered to provide all
protection to women devotees who would like to worship Lord Ayyappa inside the temple.

Travancore Devasthanam Board meanwhile explained that they do not have any clue about the women devotees who visited the holy shrine Sabarimala. There has been no notice has come so far to us regarding this incident. Also, said that they are assuring tight security in all the routes of a temple from where all the devotees enter into the sanctum of the temple.

Also, the local BJP Leadership says this is extremely unfortunate whatsoever had happened in the shrine of lord ayyappa temple, whoever it may be behind this incident, in the future days will have to face the protest from the true believers of lord ayyapa who are inherited the tradition of worshipping lord ayyappa with sincere mandala Deeksha from many 30 days to 41 days with accurate decisions until they worship ayyappa at Sabarimala. Finally, by the worship of the 2 women devotees, Sabarimala Temple Closed.

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