TRS party victory in Telangana

TRS party victory in Telangana

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TRS party victory in Telangana

TRS party victory in Telangana Finally, the peoples choice is back, by giving the straightforward support in the  General Assembly Elections – 2018, It has once again come to power. The party president, KCR, had a successful election experiment. The Congress-led public front did not stand before the KCR strategy. Fronted to get the car speed. According to the latest information, the TRS slips towards winning 90 seats.


TRS party victory in Telangana

Development, Farmer Agenda, popular schemes have gained the TRS all-time success of the election. The pink agenda is reappeared once again. The success of the people’s TRS party victory, ahead of the KCR MARK. He told them that they had emotional relations with him. It is evident that people are not overly aware of the allegations that KCR has lost the family rule and corruption. The welfare schemes implement by KCR are pensioners, farmer cousins, Shaadi Mubarak and Kalyana Lakshmi for which people got attracted voters who are impressed by the                                                                                   polling percentage in rural areas which today gave a landslide for  TRS                                                                                      party victory in Telangana.

TRS party victory in Telangana Successful Strategy

There is nothing incurable in politics, and everything will be done if the scheme is implemented. KCR, who knows this very well, has decided to do the election war when it is convenient. Dragged opponents into the pre-election race. Despite the 9-month-long election, the TRS Party Victory was unstoppable, who came to believe in popular schemes, has succeeded. At the same time, 105 candidates were listed and the people were dash into the public. In the face of public deficits, especially the Chandrababu Naidu, his succession is the success of KCR in the sentiments. Even though the uncertainty over the success of the party cadre is in the end, everything is done by KCR planning with a tactical approach.

On September 2, the KCR, which gave hint to the early elections with the Congregational Progressive Alliance, has been aggressive since the end of the election. The opponents have mocked them with a tactic before they could wake up their tactics. The KCR, which canceled the assembly on September 6, has announced 105 candidates in
the same day. For the past three months, the candidates were ordered to be among the people in the constituencies which in the end gives TRS party victory in Telangana

TRS party victory in Telangana Confirmed :

In fact, the KCR announced 105 candidates in the constituencies that had a lot of opposition at that time. Even the party leaders and activists do not like to give KCR most seats. Leaders of the ticket are unlikely to do so. But before they were inform with all the KCR, they were careful not to disagree. Most of the constituency people need KCR but the MLA has said openly at their candidate. But their view changed with the KCR tour. Finally, people were willing to vote for TRS for KCR.

On September 8,  KCR who picked up election campaign with a slogan of ‘blessing back again’ in the Husnabad district of Sidipet district on September 8 staged 87 houses covering 116 segments.

TRS party victory in Telangana self-esteem sentiments to participate in four to nine meetings averaging every day. Specifically, 24-hour electricity. Explaining
the farmer agenda schemes, the manifesto has reached the public. He covered 116 assembly segments except in the Vyra, Bhadrachalam and Ashwaropeta sectors. The results of the Congress’s victory in these meetings are warning bells for Delhi and Amravati to rule, saying people should be alert and repeat it twice. On the other hand, Ktr
and Harish Rao’s campaign has boosted the result and made the TRS party victory in Telangana in this election.

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