Welcome to New Year 2019

Welcome to New Year 2019

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Welcome to New Year 2019

Welcome to New Year 2019, People in New Zealand welcomed the new year before. In 2019, the people of the country have received a great welcome. The people of the country have entered the new year in the first place. In 2019, Kiritimati, Samoa and New Zealand received an invitation. New Year’s Eve celebrations are celebrated in Auckland, Wellington, New Zealand. Auckland City is dazzling with a blind eye opener.

Welcome to New Year 2019 Nations First Witness


Welcome to New Year 2019

The first ceremonies in this country …

Samoa is the first celebration of the New Year celebrations on this earth. It is a country with a population of about 2 lakh. They are for eight and a half hours before us. There is a country of crude. There is a island called Christmas in that country. There are also New Year celebrations about eight and half hours before us. New Year’s Eve will not be able to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Everyone does not want to tell you the New Year. Each country has a different kind. Sydney city in Australia preceded us for five and a half hours.

Who is the front ..?

Welcome to New Year 2019 Our Nation Witness.

Once After our Nation welcomes the new year then our  neighboring countries PAKISTAN: It will take a 30-minute delay in starting the new year celebration.
Iran: New Year celebrations in Iran, Iraq, Greece and Germany take place by minute. Somewhat late, every single day is celebrated with colorful events.
At the same time: Indonesia, Bangkok, Hanoi and Thailand join the New Yorkers at the same time. Colorful ceremonies are performed to make the eyes open. After that they will welcome the new year of Myanmar, Madli, Cocos and Iceland, Further all the other nations worldwide celebrates  Welcome to New Year 2019.


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