Meet the Best SONY SRS-XV800 Party Speaker

All About Sony SRS-XV800

Immersive Omni Directional Sound

  • Experience powerful omni directional sound that fills every corner.
  • Feel the beat of your music resonating throughout the space.

Enhanced TV Audio

  • Connect the speaker to your TV for improved audio/visual experiences.
  • Elevate your viewing with brilliant TV Sound Booster technology.

Long-Lasting Battery

  • Enjoy non-stop music for up to 25 hours with the built-in battery.

Vibrant Ambient Lighting

  • Illuminate your surroundings with colorful ambient lighting.

X Balanced Speaker Technology

  • Unique Sony-developed speaker unit offers rich, powerful bass and clear sound at higher levels.

Control via Sony Music Center App

  • Manage your party using the Sony | Music Center app.

Splash-Proof Design

  • With an IPX4 splash resistance rating, the XP700 speaker can withstand splashes and spills.
  • Party worry-free, even in outdoor or potentially wet environments.

Karaoke & Guitar Input

  • Take charge of the lighting, including motion control gestures on your smartphone.
  • Enjoy interactive features like karaoke and guitar input.

Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Easily stream your party playlist with simple Bluetooth connectivity.
Sony SRS-XV800

SONY SRS-XV800 77W Bluetooth Party Speaker Features:

  • Enhances TV sound, serving as a TV sound booster.
  • Equipped with a 25-hour battery life, making it perfect for extended parties.
  • Offers Karaoke and guitar input for added party entertainment.
  • Incorporates X-Balanced Speaker Unit for high-quality sound and reduced distortion.
  • Delivers powerful sound pressure, maintaining high energy levels.

Experience the Ultimate Party Atmosphere:

  • Elevate your music experience with the SONY SRS-XV800 77W Bluetooth Party Speaker.
  • Ideal for parties or personal enjoyment of music at home.
  • Exceptional sound quality and versatile features cater to music lovers.
  • Long-lasting battery life of 25 hours ensures uninterrupted music enjoyment.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows effortless wireless music streaming from smartphones and devices.

Immersive Sound Experience and Visuals:

  • The SONY SRS-XV800 77W Bluetooth Party Speaker offers a powerful sound output.
  • Incorporates bass-boosting technology for rich and immersive sound.
  • Customizable LED lights synchronize with music beats, adding vibrant visuals.

Is the Sony SRS-XV800 a good investment?

  • Sony SRS-XV800 wireless speaker is priced at Rs 45,990 and offers a unique perspective on party speakers.
  • The party speaker category holds potential for future growth.
  • The SRS-XV800 may seem unconventional compared to smaller portable Bluetooth speakers.
  • It’s an investment suited for individuals who enjoy hosting home parties.
  • Designed for immersive sound experience in music and movies, but not a fit for everyone.
  • Important to note its large size and space requirements.
  • The SRS-XV800 outperforms competitors, benefiting from Sony’s audio legacy and exceptional sound.
  • While alternatives exist at lower prices, they lack Sony’s audio reputation.


In summary, the XP700 speaker by Sony offers a range of features for an immersive audio experience, including omni directional sound, TV audio enhancement, extended battery life, ambient lighting, splash resistance, app control, karaoke and guitar input, X Balanced Speaker technology, and Bluetooth streaming capabilities.

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